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Sunrise from Irabu Bridge on Miyako Island, Okinawa Japan

Sunrise from Irabu Bridge on Miyako Island, Okinawa Japan

Sunrise as seen from Irabu Bridge in Northern Miyako Jima (Island), Okinawa Japan. Irabu Bridge is the longest toll-free bridge in Japan and to appreciate the scale of what's in this image view a larger image here. Irabu Bridge in Miyako

Approximately 300 kilometers to the southwest of Okinawa's main island is Miyako Island, a relatively flat island made of elevated coral reef. There are no rivers on Miyako Island, and due to the fact that the soil does not flow out into the sea, Miyako Island is well known for having beaches of exceptional beauty with several beaches on Miyako Island ranking among the top beaches in Japan. 

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Former U.S. Marine and Art Director and contributing photographer to both Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Outdoors Magazine as well as a contributor to Okinawa Guide and the Best of Okinawa Living book published by MCCS Okinawa. I lived 15-years in Okinawa Japan,  2-years in China and am currently a resident and photographer in Denver, Colorado.

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