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Kokusai Street in Naha

Kokusai Street in Naha

Miracle Mile, Kokusai Street in Naha City

Kokusai Street is known as "Miracle Mile" due to the rapid recovery of this region of Okinawa after World War II. Modern Kokusai Street is lined with restaurants and the most sought after Okinawan souvenirs can be found on this 1.6-kilometer-long street which runs from the Okinawa Prefectural Office North Exit Intersection to the Asato Three-forked Road Intersection. 

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Former U.S. Marine and Art Director and contributing photographer to both Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Outdoors Magazine as well as a contributor to Okinawa Guide and the Best of Okinawa Living book published by MCCS Okinawa. I lived 15-years in Okinawa Japan,  2-years in China and am currently a resident and photographer in Denver, Colorado.

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