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Ungami in Shioya Bay, Ogimi Village

Ungami in Shioya Bay, Ogimi Village

The Ungami matsuri (festival) in Ogimi Village's Shioya Bay is held for the upcoming harvest season and for the good health of the local population. This 500-year old Okinawa festival has been designated as a national cultural treasure by the Japanese government. Japan has the highest population of of centenarians in the world and Ogimi Village itself has 10 Okinawans over 100-years old as of 2020. 

Ungami Matsuri

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Ungami Festival 969KB

Ungami Festival 969KB

(2007) Shioya Bay, Ogimi Village in Okinawa Japan.

Ungami Festival 1.63MB

Ungami Festival 1.63MB

(2007) Shioya Bay, Ogimi Village in Okinawa Japan.

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