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New Upload: Tug-of-war during Okinawa's annual Naha Matsuri

New Upload: Tug-of-war during Okinawa's annual Naha Matsuri

Added an image from Okinawa's annual tug-of-war held during the Naha Matsuri (festival). This is the largest natural rope tug-of-war in the world. What you see in the picture is the rope on Hwy 58 being swarmed by people that will be pulling the rope from whatever side they happen to be standing. Naha Great Tug-of-War is a three-day event is held every October in Naha City. The Naha Great Tug-of-War uses a 200-m rope that is made of rice straw and weighs 43 tons, a Guinness World Record. The tug-of-war rope itself is said to be good-luck and pieces of the rope are cut off and taken home by both participants and observers.

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