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Nakamura House

Located in Kitanakagusuku, the Nakamura House was a home that belonged to the Nakamura family in Okinawa Japan and is a major cultural asset as declared by the national government The Nakamura House is a home that Okinawan farmers would have lived in between the years 1185-1572. Okinawan residences built during these periods (Kamakura & Muromachi) were originally constructed with thatched roofs unlike the traditional red tiled roofs on the Nakamura House. Houses built during this era were surrounded by Fukugi trees. Trees that surround the Nakamura House are over 250-years old and were meant to shield residences in Okinawa from typhoons and the stone walls that surround the Nakamura House served a similar purpose.
Nakamura House Okinawa