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  • Okinawa was originally known as Ryukyu Kingdom which had a unique culture despite being influenced by both Japanese and Chinese culture. Ryukyu Mura is a is located in Central Okinawa and is a place where the traditions of Okinawa are preserved including various forms of Okinawan dance.

    Photographer in Denver

    Former U.S. Marine and Art Director and contributing photographer to both Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Outdoors Magazine as well as a contributor to Okinawa Guide and the Best of Okinawa Living book published by MCCS Okinawa. I lived 15-years in Okinawa Japan,  2-years in China and am currently a resident and photographer in Denver, Colorado.

    John Russell Burgreen III
  • An Okinawan shisa (lion-dog) on a traditional Okinawan red-tiled rooftop. Shisa are placed on the roofs of homes, or in front of entrances, to ward off evil spirits. These guardian lion-dogs originated in China and were later exported to Korea, Japan, and Okinawa. All variations of the Okinawa shisa are close relatives of the Japanese shishi and the komainu lion-dogs, objects whose origin, function and symbolic meaning they share.

  • Traditional Okinawa living at the Nakamura House in Okinawa, Japan. Pictured are shoes, stirrups, a cooking pot, an iron, and Nakamura House itself.

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