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  • Aerial photography of the Manzamo cliffs in Onna Village, northern Okinawa Japan.

  • Fishermen haul in the morning catch at the Yomitan Village Port in Okinawa Japan.

  • A section of seawall near Mihama American Village (Chatan Town) in Okinawa Japan. Located in the middle of Okinawa’s main island, the resort town of Chatan is filled with both modern and traditional Okinawan appeal and provides easy access to major sightseeing destinations. It’s an ever-evolving area where you can enjoy marine activities year-round and the entertainment of Mihama American Village

  • Hamahiga island consists of two villages that are on opposite sides of this 7-kilometer wide island (Hama and Higa). Homes in both villages have traditional Okinawan red tiled roofs, stone walls, and residents of Hamahiga island work as either farmers or fishermen. Though part of Uruma City, Hamahiga Island is connected to Henza Island by the Hamahiga Bridge.

  • An elderly Okinawan fisherman on Hamahiga Island in Okinawa, Japan.

  • Fishing nets hang on walls in the small fishing village on Hamahiga Island, Okinawa Japan.

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