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  • An annual shishi-mai (lion dance) competition at the Uruma bullfighting ring. The shishi-mai has a long tradition in Japan and in Okinawa has a similar dance though the lion there is considered to be a legendary shisa. The heads, bodies and behavior of the shisa in the dance are quite different from the shishi on mainland Japan. Instead of dancing to the sounds of flutes and drums, the Okinawan shisa dance is often performed to folk songs played with the sanshin.

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    Former U.S. Marine and Art Director and contributing photographer to both Okinawa Living Magazine and Okinawa Outdoors Magazine as well as a contributor to Okinawa Guide and the Best of Okinawa Living book published by MCCS Okinawa. I lived 15-years in Okinawa Japan,  2-years in China and am currently a resident and photographer in Denver, Colorado.

    John Russell Burgreen III
  • Hamahiga island consists of two villages that are on opposite sides of this 7-kilometer wide island (Hama and Higa). Homes in both villages have traditional Okinawan red tiled roofs, stone walls, and residents of Hamahiga island work as either farmers or fishermen. Though part of Uruma City, Hamahiga Island is connected to Henza Island by the Hamahiga Bridge.

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